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Tree Care

We at Bahnck Tree and Lawn Care believe it is important to ensure that trees are safe and maintained in good condition. During our free consultations we look at the health of the tree, the environment, and take what is best for the tree and the client into consideration. We offer 9 years of climbing experience as well as a ground crew dedicated to safety and efficiency.
Our tree care services include the following for commercial and residential clients:
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  • Tree Removal
    Bahnck Tree and lawn Care prides themselves in safe and controlled total tree removal of all types of trees. Highly experienced climbers ensure the preservation of your home and landscaping. Removal of all wood is included in pricing, and a professional consultant will discuss different options, for your specific needs.

  • Deadwooding
    Removing any major dead branches and limbs that are potentially dangerous if they should fall.

  • Thinning
    The selective removal of branches and limbs to increase light and air flow throughout canopy.

  • Elevating
    Removing lower limbs to provide increased clearance below a tree.

  • Tree Pruning
    Trees of all kinds need to be pruned to maintain good health. Pruning maintains balance and optimum growth throughout growing season. Our professional staff prides themselves in catering to each trees specific and unique needs.

  • Brush Chipping
    Bahnck Tree and Lawn Care has chippers that will be used on most jobs to chip small limbs and branches. We can also chip brush piles already in your yard that you have gathered or you need cleaned up.

We will be happy to customize our services to meet your needs. Please contact us today for a FREE CUSTOMIZED ESTIMATE of your Tree and Lawn care needs.

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